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How to Eat a Custard Apple

If you’ve never eaten a custard apple, it’s easier (and tastier) than it looks! To check if a custard apple is ripe, gently press on its skin.  It is ripe when it feels soft with a slight give. If it isn’t ripe, store it at room

5 ingredients to treat acne using natural methods 

5 ingredients to treat acne using natural methods For girls with sensitive skin. The issue of acne can consider a big problem for many people, whether it blackheads, rashes , or inflamed acne , whether it large pimples or small pimples, they are all problems that no matter how they disappear. They

Who is at risk of having diabetes?

Who is at risk of having diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that can pass on through genetics. Therefore, people with direct relatives such as parents, siblings, and siblings. Who are diabetic may be at increased risk of developing diabetes. If both parents. The next generation will have a 50

Causes of ankle injuries

Causes of ankle injuries. That is, the impact of the ankle against a surface. or hard objects Vertical impact or severe bending of the joint This causes bone fractures in the ankle area. Especially patients with fragile bones, osteoporosis or the elderly by nature and severity. of bone fracture depends