Causes of ankle injuries

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Causes of ankle injuries.

That is, the impact of the ankle against a surface. or hard objects Vertical impact or severe bending of the joint This causes bone fractures in the ankle area. Especially patients with fragile bones, osteoporosis or the elderly by nature and severity. of bone fracture depends on Mechanism of injury and bone strength In addition to various information and symptoms already shown Doctors must rely on radiographs to help make a diagnosis. and plan surgery, including plain X-rays and Computer Tomography Scans (CT Scans) for complex bone fractures or fractures that are difficult to observe. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Treatment of foot deformity and foot and ankle injuries

Providing non-surgical treatment (Conservative treatment). Can done in the case of a fracture of that bone. Once attached, it does not affect movement. Bearing body weight and the patient’s previous use, such as a bone fracture or fracture without movement of the articular surface or that breakage It does not affect the patient’s lifestyle, etc. The doctor can provide treatment by wearing a splint. or equipment for support Restrict movement of the knee joint and prevent weight transfer It takes 6-8 weeks until the bone has a strong enough bond.

Surgical treatment (operative treatment) given in the event of a fracture. And movement of the joint surface or the patient cannot treate by wearing a cast In the part of the calcaneal bone inside and outside of the current ankle. It is surgery to realign the bones by inserting screws and/or metal plates to fix the bones (open reduction and internal fixation with Screws plate and Screw) or tightening tension band wiring to keep the bones fixed in the appropriate condition and position. Combined with internal physical therapy to allow the patient to recover faster. Complex fracture treatment Currently, there is technology using a robotic x-ray arm (Robotic C-arm, Artis Pheno) to help obtain clear radiographs. and making three-dimensional images during surgery Can make bone fixation surgery more effective and is accurate Including reducing the risk of complications that may result from surgery.

However, treatment for ankle fractures varies according to the location of the bone fragments. 

Movement of broken bone pieces severity of injury bone strength and associated injuries by various factors Orthopedic injury doctor will taken into consideration in the treatment of each patient. Taking into account other factors such as congenital disease and the patient’s previous use before the injury. and risks that may occur to patients are important

In addition to bone injuries, the ankle area contains major blood vessels and important nerves. Other tissues Particularly common are injuries of the tendons around the ankle (ankle sprain). Which are often found to be injuries from twisting. Splinting of the ankle occurs stretching of tendons until the tendon tissue is torn. This results in pain, swelling, and bleeding. A bruise on the skin movement of the ankle And putting on weight will result in more pain. 

Symptoms depend on the severity of the tendon injury. Which can divide into 3 levels: 

  • Grade 1: The tendon is slightly stretche. But without losing the stability of the ankle. 
  • The tendon partially torn. But the stability of the ankle is not impaire. Or just a little waste 
  • Grade 3: The tendon is completely torn. and loss of ankle stability

Initial treatment of accident injuries 

To reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, you can do this by resting your feet, applying cold compresses, and elevating your feet (Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation / RICE). Avoid heat, alcohol, heavy use, compression (Heat, Alcohol, Running, Massage / HARM), especially during 48-72 hours after injury. Take breaks and use medicine to help relieve pain and inflammation. Which may combine with wearing equipment Help support or wear taro. In cases where the ankle does not lose stability or lose a little stability 

For injuries that are severe enough to affect the stability of the ankle Affects use in some cases Doctors may consider surgical treatment. Most of which can done by laparoscopic surgery. To sew and repair tendons Bring the tendons back to strength. and the ankles are stable If you have problems with foot and ankle disease