Who is at risk of having diabetes?

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Who is at risk of having diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that can pass on through genetics. Therefore, people with direct relatives such as parents, siblings, and siblings. Who are diabetic may be at increased risk of developing diabetes. If both parents. The next generation will have a 50 percent risk of developing the disease.

In addition to genetic inheritance There are also lifestyle behaviors. That are another factor that may result in such as people. Who are overhydrated, also known as being obese, people who don’t like to exercise, and people who have high blood fat. These groups of people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Everyone has the same right to develop type 1 diabetes. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

What factors increase the risk of diabetes?

There are many risk factors that cause. Part of it comes from genetics that is passed on from generation to generation. Until it comes to the matter of daily life that we may not have paid attention to or forgotten. Let’s see what factors there are.

  • A matter of genetics As I said at the beginning, people who have immediate family, whether they are father, mother, siblings, or siblings who are of the same pregnancy. We, the next generation, have a higher risk of developing than the general population.
  • People who are obese and overweight As a result, various cells insulin resistance
  • Not exercising or exercise irregularly Because exercise will help us control our weight. It also helps various cells Sensitive to the use of sugar It also helps with the metabolism of blood sugar well.
  • matter of race There is information that people of certain races have higher rates than people of other nations. For example, Asians and blacks are more likely to suffer from than people of other nationalities.
  • matter of age The older you get The chances of having are increasing accordingly. That may come from the deterioration of the pancreatic cell function. or lack of exercise
  • Having high blood fat
  • Having high blood pressure