You can still beautiful small budget with 5 tips to maintain beauty

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You can still beautiful on a small budget with 5 tips to maintain beauty from head to toe.

Having smooth, clear skin from head to toe. This can done in a simple but effective way. Although most skin conditions are determined by genetics. But external factors also plays an important role No matter the environment, weather, temperature and various pollution that the skin has to encounter every day. All can affect skin health. If you want flawless skin and have good health that can withstand every situation Try following these simple techniques: Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

5 secrets to maintaining beauty from head to toe

1. Adjust your daily routine To consistent

Caring for your skin on a daily basis It plays an important role in having beautiful skin. It is essential to create a consistent routine. This includes showering regularly in the morning and evening. Additionally, it is important to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Applying moisturizer immediately after showering It will help maintain the moisture of the skin. Makes the skin soft It is recommended to reapply moisturizer before bed and around 3:00 p.m., as this is the time when pores are more open. Makes it absorb skincare better than usual.

2.Important water temperature

How to take a good shower is to make the water temperature appropriate It is another tool to enhance the beauty of the skin. There is no need to spend even a single baht. Because bathing and washing your face correctly is water at normal temperature. For cold water, it should not be lower than 27 degrees Celsius and warm water should not be more than 37-38 degrees Celsius. This will cause the skin to be stimulated for good blood circulation. Expel waste and reduce problems with varicose veins. Ready to make the skin more relaxed. It can also maintain skin moisture. To create moisture all the time.

3. You must scrub your skin.

The importance of having clear, healthy skin Whether it’s on your face or body, here’s the secret to using a skin scrub regularly. Only 2-3 times a week with a light facial scrub. Don’t have to often. and body skin, use scrubs from natural extracts which can be purchased at general convenience stores At a price that is not very strong Ready to make your skin smooth and clear easily.

4. Do not lack sunscreen.

An important issue for your skin is not forgetting to apply sunscreen. Definitely before leaving the house. The cream must be applied all over the face and body. For approximately 20-30 minutes onwards. before leaving home In order to prepare the skin To be able to block the sun with maximum efficiency And you should choose sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with SPF 50 PA+++ or higher. At present, you can buy quality sunscreen. A brand that has been accepted by real users as being very good. from convenience store Both in envelopes and bottle packages. At a price that is not too high.

5. The skin must always moisturize.

Skin moisture is an important part of achieving balance. and is the best skin protection barrier Therefore, you should choose a nourishing cream. In the form of a moisturizing cream. To soothe the skin and reduce loss at the skin cell level Ready to create moisture, so it doesn’t cause dry skin problems. or any allergic reaction that is too easy