Slot machines, slots history

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Slot machines, slots history.

Slot machines or machines are very popular in many countries. So they have different name in each country, such as Australia. It is call Poker (Pokies), the reason. Why it is call Poker. Because the first slot machines use poker symbols to play themachines. In England, it is also known as Fruit Machine. Because it is commonly use as a symbol of fruit on machine. Will be able to make money every day at UFABET

The slot machines have a different history. with a variety of sources. Which we will separate each of the inventors of the in each era Compile the evolution of from 1887 until 1976.

1. Sitmann and Pitt company (1887)

In the history of slot machines It is not yet clear. Where the original origins came from. But historical records have document. That the first slot machine Originate in the 19th century. It is believe that the Sitmann amd pitt company base in Brooklyn, New York City built the gambling machine in 1887 by this slot machine. Will not look like a normal machine They are more similar to poker machines.

2. Charles August Fey (1891)

Later in the year 1891 playing cabinets that look likemachines. It first happened in San Francisco, California. United States By a German engineer named Charles Fey invented and developed a 3-reel (reel) slot machine that can pay out automatically. There are 5 symbols on the reels: spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes and bells. This machine is known as the Liberty Bell.

3. Albert Mills (1907)

Later, in 1908, a Chicago businessman named Albert Mulls developed a new version of the slot machine, transforming the symbols into eye-catching fruit symbols. to attract the attention of players The fruit images used are cherries, lemons, plums, gum sticks. And this has name “Opertator Bell”. The fruit symbol is still very popular until now. Most of the players tend to call the slot machines with fruit symbols “Fruit Machine”.

4. Bally (1964)

Later in the year 1964, technology has continue to improve. So an inventor name Bally has develop a slot machine. It was the first electromechanical system. This machine push button system instead of lever system. It will drive the game with an electric microprocessor system. A computer program has create to randomize numbers result of spins. Resulting in more payout formats This machine was name “Money Honey”.

5. Fortune Coin Company (1976)

In 1975, Fortune Coin Company developed a vide machine. It is named after the company as “Fortune Coin), which is regarded as the best machine. Because it is modern and also has an improved model to generate microchip random numbers with better quality.

In the early stages of development, video machines may not have been very popular among slot machine players. The reason is that the players are still familiar with the spinning wheel machines. Players think that video slot machines still have a vague process. Therefore it is not popular.