Carragher reveals what he thinks of Liverpool

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Carragher reveals what he thinks of Liverpool sacking demands for Jurgen Klopp.

Jamie Carragher, the legendary player of Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League. Showing disapproval of the current demand for the love team to sack Jurgen Klopp from his position as Liverpool manager. Sacrificing the performance during the opening of the 2022/23 season. That is not very satisfying, the Red Machines.

recently They have only won two of their first six games of the season. Most recently losing to Napoli in the Champions League. Out of pictures at the score of 4-1 in the middle of last week. But Carra still insists that he still believes in the German boss has not changed from the original.

“The rebuilding of the team under Jurgen Klopp may need to happen sooner than expected,” Carragher commented in the Telegraph column, “but nothing shows that. He is unqualified to be a salvager at this time of the team.”

“While Klopp is still at the reins, I don’t think Liverpool will ever be like Chelsea or any other team that fires their coaches when the team is underwhelming. Prior to Klopp’s arrival, they owed the success of the team to him

And no one has the status of a club legend until today – players like Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Alisson Becker have never won any trophies before Klopp. Pep will sign them to join the team”

“The revival of the club to be the champion of the European continent depends on him.”