Potter reveals why Brighton signed for Chelsea

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Potter reveals why Brighton signed for Chelsea.

New Chelsea manager Graham Potter admits. That Chelsea’s offer is like a huge opportunity in a lifetime that is too big to be reject.

The 47-year-old England manager has signed a five-year contract with Chelsea. After three superb seasons with Brighton and Hove Albion. He will immediately begin his new job in the Champions League against Red Bull Salburg.

“If you can see the history, the quality of the team and the commitment this club has. You will definitely understand that it is a very different challenge from the one I had at Brighton. I had three wonderful years with Brighton. And I have to thank the owner of the club (Todd Bohly) for choosing to believe in me to take this job. 

Of course, my main job here is to help everyone on the team. Develop more teams and select a team to enter the field The fans are proud of the team’s performance. We want to build our team with our own style of play. And we will work hard to get it.”

“It was a decision that happened very quickly. We have a lot to talk about. and seriously I enjoyed talking to the owners of the club. and his team. They are a group of intelligent people. and clearly understand what they want to achieve. Have a long-term plan for working with a team And it’s an exciting plan. It’s a big challenge that I can’t refuse. I feel it is right for me.”